About Us
Slydo  Tools was founded in 1947 by Sebastian Del Giudice
a 45 year member of Cleveland Masons Local 404 .
We asked the cement finisher to decide....
We asked the cement finisher to design our tools.....
Our tools were NOT designed and manufactured to meet a cost
and a mark up in price dictated by a distributor for his profit.
Volume buying and selling mean nothing unless you the retailer and
the man who needs the tool to work with shares in the savings. Our
Slydo tools were designed by a cement finisher with over 50 years
of experience, he knows what the tools should do , many alloys
were used , many shapes were designed each was tested until the
right tool was made that do the job, the way the man in the field
demanded it should do. Divide the price of the tool by the energy
spent in working, and our tools far outweigh all others in easy
action for money spent, our tools will outlast all other tools
designed to bring up for.
They do that and more....
Slydo hand tools are made to conform to the highest American
standards in every respect. Design, selection of material , heat
treating and casting , operating performance and finish are
carefully checked and consistently maintained in every Slydo tool.